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Mother's Day Anthem 2022

The Song: "Maa" is a Hindi language word used for a mother. The song is an appreciation of a mother and how much they mean. People do not tend to speak out or sometimes even realise what lies in their hearts. In the hopes of discovering this and pouring their souls out this blend of pop & hip hop music was made. With beautiful guitar melody, head-bobbing drums & smooth soothing vocals it is the perfect song to dedicate to the mothers who dedicate their whole life to their children, especially on their special days.

Journey Across The Stars

Enjoy the calming and nostalgic LoFi music of 2022 in the form of 'Tere Naam' by Sam Rajput featuring the voice of the very talented Rhea Chauhan. Journey across the stars with your loved ones with the beautiful melody of the flute, the emotional strings and the orchestra. Enjoy the Latest Hindi LoFi song, the downtempo beats and the overall chill music vibe.

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Revisit Your Loved Ones

Tere Naam is about all those people in one's life who mean a little more than everyone else, who holds a special place in one's heart, be it anyone - family, friends, lover and so on. Valentine's Day is the day of love and can be celebrated in any form. This song is dedicated to them, or as said in Hindi, "Ye Gana Tere Naam".

Sam Rajput releases one of the best Hindi songs or one of the best feel good hindi songs in a long time

The Mystery Deeper Than The Sea

Love is beautiful, Love is a mystery. "Tum" is a collaboration between Sam Rajput, Ansh & Nischint where they talk about how someone can be so close & special and yet people always have a few secrets that they do not reveal, some learn it the hard way.

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