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"I wear Ehnic Indian Clothes and talk about Love and Hope"

February 19, 2022

Sam Rajput tells us  when asked about the thing that makes him stand out the most. He answers and says "I make feel good hindi songs, or motivational hindi songs. People need this. I don't talk about expensive chains or cars, or being a gangster. I wear Ehnic Indian Clothes and talk about love and hope, and I know I am good at it. Some day someone will say that I make best hindi songs. "He jokingly adds on "or something along that line".

Music Instrument

An Eye Catching Visualiser - Tere Naam

February 11, 2022

Straight out of the video game, Sam Rajput released a beautiful Visualiser Music Video for his new single 'Tere Naam' . This will make you feel immersive for sure. Enjoy the jouney!

Revisit Your Loved Ones This Valentine's Day

February 11, 2022

Sam Rajput makes his singing debut from his new single called 'Tere Naam'. Catch him singing his way to the people with this happy but at the same time nostalgic tune. Ye Gana Tere Naam!


No Way this is hand drawn

February 14, 2021

Sam Rajput has  just dropped this absolutely gorgeous lyric video for his track 'Tum' . Click here to watch the full video now.

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