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Behind the Music

The 'Kid Wonder' as many call him, Sam Rajput started his musical journey in 2019 when he began by releasing Electronic Dance Music under his real name, Samarth Chauhan. 
Despite getting good label deals, he felt that there was so much more that he had to offer. He took a break and started producing music for other artists. By the end of the year, he was producing songs for every single up-and-coming artist of Noida and many others in the NCR region in India.
Be it any genre, people wanted their tracks to be produced by him. What they were unaware of were his own song-making, lyrical and singing talents.
On 11th February 2022,  he made his debut as a singer by releasing his song 'Tere Naam' and surprised the world.
Samarth Chauhan (the real name of Sam Rajput) has always dreamt of making the world a better place. 
He merged his dream and passion which gave birth to Sam Rajput. He especially focuses on making tracks that take the listener to a happy place, a place where one can go, get motivated, have a piece of mind and remember that love & hope are everlasting.
Bharat Studios  is an all-in-one station for all artists. Be it an audio service like music production, mixing & mastering, vocal recording studio sessions or mind-blowing visual effects, cover arts, 3D videos, or animated videos, we have you covered. Artists are not able to pursue their art due to the massive investments, so the vision is simple, to provide brilliant Industry quality service on a budget that everyone can afford.

The Indian Music Magazine is a music magazine, another Initiative by Sam Rajput which focuses on promoting the art that stands out and deserves recognition. The vision is to help out artists and connect them with the audience who wants to listen to that music and vice versa.

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